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September 23, 2020 1 min read

They've finally landed - the latest additions to Armadillo's Classic Collection and we are so excited! Yet again, Armadillo have delivered.

"Armadillo is, and always has been, a truly sustainable company ~ for the good of the world we live in and all those who journey with us."

The Ivy House proudly brings quality and service to New Zealand homes with Armadillo handmade rugs.

Filling the home with furnishings that pull the outside in nourishes our well-being. With Armadillo's newest styles, hues, patterns and textures grounded in nature are interwoven into compositions designed for the home’s intimate and free-flowing spaces.

"With the newest additions to our Classic Collection, we took inspiration from our frequent muse, nature. Colours, patterns and surfaces that echo sweeping landscapes are interwoven into compositions that promise longevity, not just in their timeless aesthetic but through their unparalleled quality. This overflow os living elements into the interior of the home restores balance into our lives, setting the stage for us to nurture those rare moments of quietude." ~ Armadillo

The newest additions to their Classic Collection - Acacia, Andes, Winnow and Bramble - explore how filling the home with furnishings that pull the outside in can lift our energy levels from the moment we cross the threshold.

We will be focusing on these new designs so you can choose your new favourite. We couldn't be more in love!

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