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June 03, 2021 2 min read

The Ellipse Collection is a collaboration between Armadillo and House of Grey, a UK-based interior design studio led by Louisa Grey, who is renowned for her quietly understated aesthetic and holistic approach to design.

Taking us on a journey of textures, from the raw and organic to the sensual and refined, the collection satisfies our insatiable craving for nature by bringing organic forms, tones and textures into the interior of the home.

Handcrafted in premium jute, New Zealand wool and pure silk, in a range of daring and experimental weaves and finishes, the collection is alive to the rhythm of nature.


An earthy everyday rug reminiscent of the grounding sensation one feels when traversing a path of sand, grass and soil.


An exaggerated weave of marled wool that is felted then twisted at varying weights for rich texture underfoot, like the gravelly terrain of a mountain. Available in 4 colourways. 


Etoile is Tibetan-knotted in indulgent wool with a soothing gradation of textures. On one end, asymmetrically curved edges frame the low-cut pile, transitioning further down into rows of serene loops.

Umbra is Tibetan-knotted from soft Afghan wool that is left undyed for breathtaking variations in tone and texture. Its natural striations mean each rug will be utterly unique, hand-carved with an abstract engraving inspired by early cave paintings.
Umbra is custom made and also available as a 1 x 1.4m wall hanging.



Perilune has a subtle sheen thanks to decadent wool hand-spun with pure silk. Beautiful in its simplicity, the luminous rug is embossed with a motif inspired by the crescent moon that ripples across the tiered pile. Perilune is custom made and also available as a 1 x 1.4m wall hanging.