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May 14, 2020 1 min read

MicroSeal is a protective treatment professionally applied to the surface of your rug and other textiles. Used worldwide for over 30 years, MicroSeal mimics the natural protective agent that sheep produce for their own coat. It’s non toxic and non-allergenic and is safe for families and pets.

By penetrating and sealing the individual fibres, MicroSeal forms a protective barrier. After treatment your rug or fabric will not look or feel any different. The MicroSeal will not wear off and will last up to 9 commercial cleans.

Without MicroSeal small particles of dirt are naturally absorbed into the fibres of a rug, this causes discolouring and increases wear and tear. We recommend MicroSeal treatment on all Armadillo rugs ~ it's certainly well worth it for peace of mind in busy households.

MicroSeal can be professionally applied in your own home or The Ivy House will arrange treatment prior to the delivery of your rug. We can also have your Fermoie cushions and fabrics treated too.

Items can be used one hour after a MicroSeal application but they do need a further 4-5 days to cure. Your MicroSeal Warranty will start 5 days after treatment.

If you would like your rug MicroSeal treated we can arrange to have this done prior to delivery. Just let us know by phone 09 373 3396 or email That way your beautiful new rug will be household ready on arrival 😀