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July 20, 2023 2 min read

Armadillo wanted to hold themselves to the highest standards in the world so customers have the confidence to know that they are investing in a truly ethical product .

Sustainability and social responsibility have always been at their core and they're the first rug brand in Australia or the USA to become a Certified B Corporation. Armadillo have also received the Declare Label from the International Living Future Institute. B Corp certification measures Armadillo as an overall company, whereas the Declare Label examines the rugs themselves.

It is extremely difficult to become a B Corp and Armadillo have undergone rigorous assessment across 5 areas:

• Governance
• Workers
• Customers
• Community
• Environment

Armadillo need to be verified every 3 years to maintain certification.

The Declare Label is recognised globally for its stringent requirements, which supersede Green Star in AU/NZ. All of Armadillo rugs now come with a Declare Label. The purpose of the Declare Label is to be transparent about the additives in their rugs. Like a nutrition label, it outlines exactly how each rug was made, what it's made of and where it will go at the end of its life.
Armadillo rugs meet the highest status for being VOC-free and Red List free:

• Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals often found inhousehold products that are known to be harmful to our health.They can irritate the eyes, nose and throat; cause difficulty breathing and nausea; lead to cancer; and damage the central nervous system as well as other organs.

• The Red List refers to chemicals and materials used in the building industry that pollute the environment; accumulate in the food chain to toxic levels; and harm the workers who create the products.

Armadillo rugs are handcrafted from natural fibres, ensuring your home not only looks beautiful, but is healthy too.