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Armadillo Odessa - Arborio


Odessa is a new addition to Armadillo's luxurious Heirloom Collection. Hand-knotted from Afghan wool that is unrivalled in its softness, this rug’s exquisite palettes and textural intricacies are designed to awaken the senses. No two are exactly alike, as each hank of natural yarn features a cacophony of hues that morph into mesmerising striations once solid-dyed and woven into form.

As beautiful as it is hard-wearing, Odessa has a captivating presence that makes sensorial enjoyment part of daily life.

Every knot is tied by hand through the warp, meaning your rug will not only be robust but is infused with the beauty and energy of an item crafted by hand.

Composition: 100% Pure Wool

Custom sizing is also available - please contact our specialists to discuss your options or book a home consultation.

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