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Armadillo Paragon - Flint


With its neutral hues and complex pattern, Paragon invites further exploration and quietly enlivens both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Part of Armadillo’s luxurious Heirloom Collection, elegantly understated Paragon rug, whose quiet energy enlivens both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Inspired by the sharp yet delicate lines of crystal shards, mineral-cut rock faces and fossilised shell formations, Paragon departs from the rich and radiant hues, and ordered geometric of the existing Heirloom Collection. Abrash dyed wool is hand spun and knotted using age-old techniques, lending Paragon the authenticity of an antique Persian rug.

Each rug consists of 100 intricate knots per square inch, ensuring that it remains sumptuously soft underfoot and wears beautifully over time as it is handed down to future generations.

From a distance, the rug displays a tonal patina as if exposed to the elements, but closer inspection and tricks of the light reveal opulent detail and unexpected depth, reminiscent of layers of sediment that have settled over time. This combination of neutral shades and complex patterns invites further exploration and gives Paragon the versatility and longevity to fit seamlessly into any modern space.

Composition: 100% NZ Wool

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