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Armadillo Petunia

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Two rings of frill add detail and a decorative element to this otherwise simple design. Perfect under a circular dining table and equally suited to beach houses and the city as the perfect foil to functional living room furniture. Similar to Dandelion, but with less visual detail, Petunia is available in the popular 1.82m size as well as the larger 2.74m, making it a great choice for larger spaces.

Our 'Flower' range is a firm favourite at The Ivy House. It's classic and practical and these rugs just keep looking good. They add a great contrast to wool and sit practically and beautifully in any home.

"At Armadillo, we are driven by ethics as well as aesthetics. Each rug is made by hand from natural and sustainable fibres, using Fair Trade practices. Our rugs lie lightly on this earth."

Composition: 100% Jute - hand braided, coiled & stitched.

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