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Armadillo Staccato - Nightfall

Staccato is a beguiling mix of instinct and precision, featuring an Indo-Nepali weave of lustrous silk alternated with linen loops that are hidden and exposed in a seemingly improvised staggered design. With its lyrical texture, quiet corners instantly become covetable spaces.

"At Armadillo, we are driven by ethics as well as aesthetics. Our rugs are handmade by true artisans, keeping a timeless heritage of craftsmanship alive. As curators of artistry and culture, we are inspired by originality and led by instinct. Our rugs lie lightly on this earth.”

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Available sizes
   2.4 x 3m
    2.7 x 3.6m
    3 x 4.2m

Areas of use

    Living Room

     Silk + Linen

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