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September 03, 2020 2 min read

In keeping with their premise of making design easy to 'read', Fermoie presents its fabric range by colour family, rather than by pattern. Designs are hand drawn and printed in their Marlborough (UK) studio, meaning they do not have to rely on anyone else to interpret the designs. Fabrics are printed to order within days meaning that whilst your fabric is created bespoke for you, the usual long lead times are avoided.

"This control over the whole process does allow us to ensure a quality of which we are hugely proud."

"Design is a big part of the story but much of Fermoie’s fabrics beauty is down to the materials from which they are made. Texture and depth bring a beautiful pattern to life so we continually experiment with natural fibres and blends to achieve textural perfection without losing sight of our sustainability goals."

"We source the finest quality linens and cottons and continually work with our weavers to develop new possibilities."

"Throughout our production process we do not use any harmful materials traditionally associated with printing."

With over 400 colourways, from textural plains through to large scale designs, Fermoie is woven, dyed and printed on cottons and linens, all suitable for curtains, upholstery and walling. 

Fabric walling is our favourite application at TIH and you can visit our Parnell showroom to see how truly beautiful this is. We can recommend our skilled artisan fitter to create this for you. It really elevates a space beyond what a wallpaper can achieve as well as providing acoustic benefits. 

As Fermoie prints to order, there is a 4m minimum order and a 2 - 3 week lead time to you receiving your fabric.