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August 29, 2020 2 min read

As part of our introduction of Fermoie, we are exploring the process behind their beautiful fabrics. At TIH, we are inspired by natural and sustainable fibres and the craftsmanship of the handmade. We believe when you bring natural, handmade texture into your home, you add both beauty and well-being benefits. 

Fermoie creates beautiful and original fabrics; from weaving, dying and inspirational first Studio drawing to a unique take on traditional printing in our factory. Original thinking and unparalleled care imbue everything they do.

"In the Fermoie Studio we create all our own colour. We use natural dyes to create a rich and varied pool of colour that feeds into building a new collection. Colour creation, mixing and trialling is a hugely important part of the design process."

"Design is a big part of the story but much of Fermoie’s fabrics beauty is down to the materials from which they are made. Texture and depth bring a beautiful pattern to life so we continually experiment with natural fibres and blends to achieve textural perfection without losing sight of our sustainability goals." 

Jamie Shawcross, Fermoie's Director discusses their uncompromising commitment to creating their beautiful and original fabrics:

"We print traditionally, creating a subtle impression but with the depth of a woven fabric.  This is possible only by our decision to print with rotary screens rather than going down the more popular choice today of printing digitally, a brilliant process but one that we feel would not give us the ability to print as texturally as we want to.  All of Fermoie’s colours, as well as our designs are created in house making the whole range unique to Fermoie."

"Our designs are hand drawn, created in the Fermoie Studio where there is a huge wealth of knowledge and understanding of printed textile and interior design.  We print our designs ourselves, not having to rely on anyone else to interpret our printing and design desires, and this control over the whole process does allow us to ensure a quality of which we are hugely proud.  Nothing has ever, or will ever leave our factory unless we are proud of it, and unless it is beautiful.  Our high service level also is dependent on our control of all aspects of the process – all fabrics are printed and shipped from the UK within 5 working days of an order being confirmed."

"Fermoie fabrics are suited to all interior use. They are used by a wide range of designers and private clients worldwide, for projects big and small.  We have seen our fabrics used as walling in huge galleries and exhibitions in London using hundreds of metres, for huge and grand curtains and upholstered furniture in private houses and hotels around the world, but also and importantly for us in the houses of ‘real people’ – people who mind about good design and quality product to make cushions, bedheads, lampshades, blinds and curtains for their own home."