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March 08, 2023 1 min read

The latest addition to Armadillo's Heirloom Collection, Mojave, represents the pinnacle of their exploration with jute; a naturally elegant and durable fibre that Armadillo has worked with for over a decade. Inspired by ephemeral desert landscapes, Mojave is made with an Indo Nepali hand-knotted Tibetan weave and a meticulously handspun pile that endows each piece with a uniquely variegated finish.

Mojave - Natural

Over the past thirteen years Armadillo have reinterpreted the way jute is woven into their collection and extended the possibilities of its design and durability. Through this deep understanding of and affinity for jute, Mojave emerges as the most luxurious expression of their work with the material to date.

Mojave - Cashew

Available in three exquisite colour variations; Natural, Cashew and Laurel, Mojave pairs seamlessly back with the wider Armadillo range and introduces a refined touch of nature into any home.

Mojave - Laurel

Mojave is available in four standard sizes, as well as the option to custom shape and size. 
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