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August 26, 2020 2 min read

The Ivy House is all about creating healthy homes with natural fibres that’ll last the distance.  Adding our love of the hand made, Fermoie's story captured our eye some time ago and we couldn't be more proud to be the NZ home of their inspiring range of fabrics.

Known for our Armadillo rugs, we weren't seeking to expand our range, but we kept coming back to Fermoie. Their story, the integrity of the design process and their people, Fermoie is something we had been following for some time and couldn't resist the pull.

"I truly believe Fermoie offers something very special; they have cleverly curated a colour led range of fabrics that makes sense to the reader. In the same way that Farrow & Ball translated the vast array of paint colours into the revolutionary palette that made design accessible to all, so too does Fermoie cut through the clutter and confusion of selecting fabrics", says Annie, owner of The Ivy House.

Fermoie was founded in 2012 by Martin Ephson and Tom Helme, friends from schooldays who went on to create the modern day Farrow & Ball. Six years after selling Farrow & Ball, Tom suggested to Martin that they create Fermoie.

"Our big mission is to bring back the enjoyment of printing, so that people didn't just look at the pattern but also at the printing itself saying, 'That is incredibly beautiful, however do they do that?'"

The design and creation of all Fermoie’s fabrics take place at the company’s headquarters in Marlborough, England. That’s because Ephson and Helme recognized the demand for quality fabrics made quickly. As Ephson explains, “High-end brands have notoriously long lead times, yet we’ve always considered service to be paramount. If you want it, you probably want it now!” Fermoie’s fabrics can be ready to send in just five days.

The Ivy House is so proud to welcome Fermoie and we're excited to share more of their story with you.