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September 22, 2023 2 min read

Springtime brings the added opportunity for entertaining; be it long long lunches with friends, or family gatherings that run late into the evening. Spring is the perfect time to refresh and ready your home and enjoy spending time with guests.

Placing a rug under your dining table is the perfect way to zone an open plan space; it's also a great way to absorb sound and bring a layer of comfort to a busy area. Apart from getting the size right, it’s also important to have a design that’s easy to clean and will stand up to regular chair movement.


1.  S I Z E

For most dining spaces, allow a minimum of 60-70 cm of rug to show on all sides of the table. This will ensure that your chairs can still sit fully on the rug even when pulled away from the table and stop the rug from becoming caught. For a unified look match the shape of your table to your rug.

2.  F I B R E + W E A V E

Low-pile or flat weave rugs are ideal under dining tables. Hand knotted wool is incredibly durable and easy to clean ~ pure wool is naturally water and dirt repellent making them the perfect choice for dining rooms. 

Jute is a very durable natural fibre, Armadillo only use the highest quality jute in their rugs; this is when the fibres are their longest and more golden in colour. It's important to note that dyed jute will go back to its natural colour over time. This process will happen much quicker in sunny areas and is similar to the way other natural materials develop a beautiful patina.

Another popular choice is a mix of wool and jute ~ using these two natural fibres together brings beautiful texture and character to the rug.

Our wool edit:
Armadillo Aspen
Armadillo Atlas
Armadillo Odessa
Armadillo Pampas
Armadillo Winnow

Our jute edit:

Armadillo Mojave
Armadillo Petunia
Armadillo River
Armadillo Serengeti


Our wool + jute edit:

Armadillo Drift
Armadillo Kalahari
Armadillo Panama


3.  C O L O U R

Colour can bring energy and vibrancy to a room; the dining area is a great way to add colour and individuality without overwhelming your space.

In open plan rooms you don't need to stick with the same colour rug under your dining table as you have in your living area ~ they should have a relationship and compliment each other but not match. 

Also consider other furniture such as sideboards, cabinets and artwork in your dining area. The right rug will tie everything together and bring a sense of unity and cohesiveness to the space. 

Our favourite rugs for adding colour:
Armadillo Agra


We recommend having your new Armadillo rug treated with Microseal protection. This not only guards against spills but also extends the life of your rug. Ask us about Microseal or read more here.

Whether you're sprucing up your home or giving it a complete makeover, our interior design team will provide expert advice and help you find the perfect rug for your space, style and budget.

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